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What Have I Been Up To?

March 6th 2012

Hello internet peoples, how have you been? I’ve been quite busy myself; this semester I’m taking two grad level courses: Relational Databases and Information System Security. I’ve also found some spare time to hack on, backbone.js, lots of node.js, getting my couchdb chops up, and today I implemented a nice little cache using redis & the redback module. What fun!

If you want to see what I did go to, that’s a project I threw together in a couple of days using backbonejs, couchdb, and django (first time using it - it’s ok, I prefer node.js). I also made a little chat program with and express, I think I took it down though. If anyone wants to see it I can put it up.

My classes are going well, got a 98 on my ISS paper which I wrote a critique on a security journal talking about user-agent injections. I’ll link to it below. I also had a midterm for DB’s, and I have one for ISS this thursday which I’ve been studying a lot for. The material is very high level and repetitive, so I need to drill it into my brain.

Work wise, things are going well. Today I implemented a chaching system using redis and redback, it was super easy and really cool seeing your page request times drop from ~700ms to ~100-200ms. I’m not caching the headers/footers of the page yet so response times should go down after I do that, right now I’m only caching the five http req’s I need from a couchdb backend.

Anywho just wanted to give that quick update, time for bed.

User Agent Injections Journal Review

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