Cater Hero

New Desk Layout

December 27th 2011

I got sick of sitting at my desk at work and at home, so I changed things up.

At work I have a nice rolley chair, at home I have a craptastic chair and a rolley yoga ball. I’m sick of sitting, so I recently decided to stand. This has afforded me a few wins. First, I’m not sitting all the time, win #1. Second, since I have my keyboard propped up by a box, and my monitors on books and a box, there is no room for my mouse; it stays below on the desk. This is the perfect height where I can just reach it and click a link or exposé my desktop.

I have only been doing this for a day or so, but I can immediately see benefits in productivity. I no longer get click happy and waste time on reddit or HN, as the majority of those activities involve browsing with the mouse. This also means that I spend more time on the keyboard working my muscle memory in VIM. Finally, when I get tired of standing (with good posture), I can have a seat, tilt my monitor down, and do some of that browsing. Then when I’m ready to do things again, I stand and assume the ‘working’ position.

Now I’m tempted to get one of those adjustable geek desks… must. resist. urge.


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